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Emily Hearts My Kate Garey Valentine's Haul.

I got a lovely bunch of Orange Roses and Carnations. I love unusual coloured flowers, My favourite have been blue roses my boyfriend gave me from Liverpool street a few years ago, so these are really special I also received a gorgeous Kate Garey Robot Love TShirt, you can see how cute it is. I have talked about this brand before, and I really think that you get so much for your money. The products are made so well and the appliqués are really cute. My next pressie which you can see were a ‘I heart hugs’ brush bag. Kate Garey got the idea for the appliqué for this brush bag design when she read a story about a monkey that looked after  a leopard when it was ill and nursed it back to strength. My card is Bruce Forsyth saying ‘Your my favourite’, which is gorgeous and very me asI love Strictly Come Dancing and Bruce Forsyth in a strange kinda way. Who’s a lucky girl then. Woop! Oh and you can see more of these amazing products at    Even Fearne Cotton likes this boutique, Can’t be bad.  Have fun!

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