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Emily Hearts Rhiannon Faith:Dancingtheatre

From the moment that I arrived in the the 4th floor studio rooms, doctor it felt like I had stepped back in time and walked straight into a 1920’s bohemian uprising. Actors and actresses met me at the door and were stationed on each level of the stairs until I reached the main venue. Once inside I noticed the amazing artwork by Merlyn Griffiths and 10 Artists/10 Pubs adorned upon the walls. There was a stall selling 1920s memorabilia and many actors dressed in 1920s Sophie Harris outfits mingling with audience members and introducing themselves and telling us to “Make ourselves comfy”. Within seconds I had decided that this was going to be no ordinary performance.

I have wanted to see this company for a long time, discount mainly because the company’s Resolution! performances in 2010 with ‘Love My Bones’ and 2011 with ‘Love Kills’ received outstanding reviews. I knew I was in for a treat.

With a main room and a bar both decorated in a bohemian set design by Tom Spindler and Rachel Gittins, page I made myself at home. Soon after, members of the audience were ushered into the main room by the actresses and the bohemian festivities began.

The night saw up-and-coming bands Indigo Earth, Adore and Horrorshow collaborate with Rhiannon Faith’s De Keersmaeker and Bausch-inspired choreography; each band took us closer and closer to mischief and anarchy.

The most stand-out moments of the performance included a beautifully-executed and choreographed solo to the haunting tune Wise Man by Indigo Earth, so beautiful it sent shivers down my spine and put a smile on my face; also, an energetic and intricate contact duet to the rock songs of Horrorshow which dazzled the audience with intricate and death-defying lifts.

At times the performance lost momentum due to the breaks in the dancing which left us enjoying the live music a little too often, but the content and the atmosphere brought us back to the bohemian fun once the dancing had resumed.

I felt a small taint of sadness when this performance ended as I knew that we had just witnessed something special. It’s only later I found out that this performance had been put together on only 20 hours of rehearsal.

You should keep an eye on Rhiannon Faith:Dancingtheatre as I am hoping for big things from this company. They certainly deserve it.

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