Emily Hearts Netflix and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I am really loving this program. Ok, I am completely addicted to it since I started watching it on friday. I found the first series of The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix. If you haven’t heard about Netflix, we’re have you been? Okay so America got this quite some time ago but the rest of the world is just catching up, so for £6 a month you can sign up to watch any film or program on Netflix. I have also just heard that if you sign up as a new customer now, you can make the payments go from iTunes. Sweet huh! So more about A secret Life of the American Teenager. This program really brilliant. As the title suggests, It’s all about an american teenagers life and what could happen if you make the wrong decisions as a youngster. The program deals with really real and relevant  subjects, I don’t want to ruin the series for you so I won’t tell you what the subjects are. I’ll let you watch it for yourselves but you have rave reviews from me. Oh and the best bit is that there are soon to release a fifth series/season. Like I said the first series is on Netflix and there is a link to the other 3 series on there too.   Have fun watching and if you already watch this program, let me know what you think of it? Are you as addicted to it as me, or is it the next Hollyoaks? I’d love to know what you think. Happy shopping!

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