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Emily Hearts Accidental Festival at The RoundHouse, Camden.

A woman in black appears onstage, walks to the microphone and instructs the lights to come on and the performance to start. A second woman dressed in a short nude-coloured underwearlike dress, hair slicked back in a tight bun and black heels walks model-like onto the stage and around the large diamond-shaped catwalk which is stuck to the floor with tape. Two other women follow and line up behind the bottles of water that have been put into a line to the left of the lady in black at the microphone. It is clear, this is going to be a performance to remember but will it be for the right reasons? Choreographers Argentine Mariana Lucia Marquez and French Emma Zangs met during Laban’s MA Choreography course and have regularly worked together ever since, including recently choreographing Cherry Bloom’s new music video for MTV. They are recognised for pushing the boundaries and stripping back material to its bare bones. Unfashion explores the life and tribulations of models. How they move, how they stand, and with Marquez and Zangs unravelling the rules or idioms which they live by. This is done by giving the performers instructions and directions and closing the space down to two small triangles and a tiny square for the performers to manoeuver in. The piece is full of small moments where that could be reflected on either comedy or sad realistic ideals especially as you see the models and their makeup begin to melt in the heat of the lights. The audience – almost a full house in the small surrounds of The Hub – seemed to love this performance. It soon became clear, however, that the audience contained dance students and recent graduates. Unfashioned is definitely meant for diehard dance enthusiasts who love minimal experimentalism. If this is you, you are sure to love it.

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