Emily Hearts Moustaches!

The first piece I saw with Moustaches was this amazing PJ set. The trousers are quite tight, almost like leggings, so I would try these on before you get them as some people will find this annoying to sleep in. It looks almost like a pirate costume because of the red striped t shirt. Amazing! This set is £24 for both the Tee shirt and trousers and it is from TopShop. Go in and have a gander                             On the same day that I spotted the PJ set in TopShop, I spotted this beauty of a bag and purse set. How amazing? Kind of reminds me of a french black and white movie or the old style strong man with a moustache. The pink in the rim of both the bag and purse just sets them off and brings them both up to date. Bright colours are in this season and this is a great example of both print and brights together.  Purse £6  and  Bag is £25 Print Shopper so all in all not a bad price. Bargain!                        These two tops are probably ones that I would wear for dancing, specifically hip hop. (That said if you would like me to do a blog post about the dance clothes that I wear, or would wear for classes the leave a comment below.) The moustaches of the world t-shirt is from Topshop and is £20. The other is from Quiz and is £10.99.   Do you like moustaches? Happy shopping!    

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    Michelle Denny
    August 1, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I’d be interested in a blog post about dance clothes! Love the moustaches of the world tshirt 😀 xx

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