Emily Hearts Champneys Citrus Blush body Scrub and Products

  In fact all of the products are really affordable, which really surprised me because Champneys is quite an expensive place to go and so expected the products to be more expensive. The other Champneys products such as the had wash, body oil and body butter in this Citrus Blush set smell good but this is the most yummy out of them all, so this will leave you smelling very yummy too which lasts all day. When used it will also reveal glistening skin. What an amazing teat for these cooling days. There was an offer on these particular products in boots, a buy any one Champneys product from a selection of 4 and get a free Champneys hand and nail cream free. Everyone must have loved it because there was no hand and nail cream left to test.:-) Will you be buying anything from the Champneys Citrus Blush range? Happy shopping!

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