Emily Hearts The Body Shop New Lip Glosses

These lip glosses are amazing. There are 10 flavours: Cocoa, Coconut, Lychee, Mango, Mint, Peach, Pink Grapefruit, Plum, Raspberry and Strawberry. Colours obviously go with the colour of the fruit. The smell of all of these lip glosses are am-maz-ing! I am so not kidding you. I could not even pick out the scrummiest smelling or looking lip gloss as they are all so good and not sweet smelling at all. Thats not all, these lip glosses are really special because when you test them on your hand, the texture is a bit sticky. When you try them on your lips, the texture changes to almost an oily texture with no stickiness. They are also long lasting, they taste great ( although you don’t want to be doing that lots, lol!) and the colour of every one of them is incredible. I am impressed, and so will you be. They are £7 each and in your nearest Body Shop now. Smell, try and buy people quick before they run out. 🙂 Happy shopping! 🙂

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