Emily Hearts Tangle Teezers

Basic Tangle Teezer    Leopard print mini Tangle Teezer  Flower Power Tangle Teezer. Okay I’m getting into hair products this week because I am having my hair done. Eeeeek! What a change. Yep I think I’m going to go dark, but a few tones. Any way you will see. I heard about Tangle Teezers a long time ago and they really work. I love them so much for longer hair especially and they come in loads of different colours and shapes as you can see. They are great for hand bags or school and with the shinny flower Tangle Teezer will make a great addition to your room. You can get them from Boots, some hair dressing salons from about £10 and the cheapest I have seen on the internet is £7 without postage. Go out and try Tangle Teezers as soon as because they are pretty amazing.

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