Guest Blog by Becca Clayton! Becca Hearts Maybelline Nail Varnish and Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Heat spray.

I have several amazing friends who have been so kind as to guest blog for me. Here is the  first very special guest blog post by Becca Clayton.    When I texted my very good friend Emily about 2 of my favourite products that I thought she ought to check out, I expected that she would have a look and maybe write a review. Instead she asked me to write a guest blog! I’ve not written anything like this before, but because I love her I’m going to try! So here goes……….. I’ve always been suckered into the mind-set that the more expensive a product is the better it will be. While this is occasionally true, I have wasted so much money on more expensive beauty products that have left me not only disappointed but also broke! My 2 favourite things at the moment are both from the high street, and they are absolutely brilliant. Fantastic products that really work at incredibly reasonable prices.          My first best-buy at the moment is the new Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo. My hair is a complete nightmare to manage – greasy roots and dry ends with a wave that will neither straighten nor curl properly and with so much frizz. After spending loads of money on different products, none of which worked, I had pretty much given up on ever having a good hair day. But from my first wash with Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo, my locks were literally transformed into soft, silky, ultra-manageable hair with the most amazing shine. I use the Heat Protection Shine Spray from the range as well, and my hair has honestly never been so well-behaved. And my style (yes I now have a style!) holds all day. It’s a hair miracle! The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo is priced at around 4.99 for a 500ml bottle and below for smaller bottles, and Heat Protection Shine Spray is around £2.95. You can get them at any supermarket, Boots or Superdrug. There is also a special better than half price offer on at Superdrug online at the moment too. My other favourite item is Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Varnish in Rose Poudre. I have tried lots of different nail varnish brands from supermarket to designer in my mission to find a polish that lasts more than a day, and Maybelline Forever Strong is the best one that I have found. The cleverly designed brush makes it easy to apply, the finish is perfect and the polish always lasts for several days, even when I am doing lots of washing up or knocking my nails. Because I have quite big hands (!) I prefer to use a natural shade of polish, but I was getting bored of peachy pinks. Rose Poudre is a gorgeous neutral shade, but with hints of lilac and dusty pink. It still looks very natural and understated, but with a hint of a colour that is delightfully unusual and a little bit different. I apply 2 coats of Rose Poudre followed by 2 coats of Forever Strong in Clear. My nails are left looking well-groomed and shiny with a bit of a twist, and the effect lasts for several days. Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Varnish is priced at around £4.09 at any Boots or Superdrug. Have you got any of these products? or will you be getting any? We’d love to know if you have? I love Maybelline Rose Poudre, although the pictures of the nail varnish/polish doesn’t do it justice and so I suggest you go and check it out. I hope you loved the guest post by Becca as much as I do.  I think if we ask her nice enough she might even do a few more posts, What do you say Becca? Happy Shopping! 🙂    

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