Emily Hearts Benefit's Fine One One

Fine One One, Benefit’s new lip and cheep duo is fantastic and It might well be my new must have of 2013. A play on Americas emergency services stateside number, Fine One One is kitsch and subtle. With it’s no fuss retractable rose gold packaging, this gem is worth the price tag of £23.50. Described as “A coral flush” by Benefit, the ice cream coloured bullet includes 3 colours all aimed working on the cheek in different ways, going from cream to powder. The first is an iridescent light pink highlighter, the second colour is a watermelon pink blush, and the third is a matte orange/coral for the contour. All very seasonal colours that very gorgeous and leave dewy finish. Swipe Fine One One across the cheek firmly with the light pink at the top of the cheek, once or twice until you have the colour you want. (Remember, it’s easier to put colour on but harder to take colour off so swipe, blend and repeat). Then put the stick to the apples of your cheeks and twist Fine One One in a full circle, and again blend with fingers. Drab to Fab in seconds! I am obviously a big fan of this product. The product comes out a little tacky at first and it can be a little firm but once you have used the product a few times and it has moulded to your cheeks a little then it is easier to use.  Fine One One is defiantly one to get used to  but I maintain that once you get used to the placement of the product, it is great and works how it was intended. Thumbs up benefit. We don’t need to call 911! Pop down to your nearest Benefit counter or go to their Bene website. Happy Shopping!  

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