Emily Hearts Jergans

I received a small tester for Jergans moisturiser in a magazine recently. I didn’t think I would use it but put it in my hand bag anyway. I suffer a lot with dry hands and so reached for the Jergans hen it was all I had to hand (Ha mind the pun). I was pleasantly surprised  by it as it left my hands looking and feeling a lot healthier, so I went to buy a bigger version of the hand cream. When I went to Boots to get the hand cream I was met with another surprise. The full Jergans collection was and still is on sale. The normal price is about £4 .50 a bottle but they are now £1.37 for each and in Tesco they are half price. I also picked up this cherry flavoured beauty lotion which smells amazing and is just as good as the lotion I had a sample of if not better.  I’ve also been told that the coconut butter lotion is very good for settling chicken pox scratching down. Have you got Jergans, and if so, how do you find it? Happy shopping!

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