Emily Hearts Brita Fill & Go Water Bottle


I recently got hold of a Fill & Go bottle, viagra order a new product from Brita, perfect for those who like to drink water when they’re out and about rather than fizzy drinks or coffee. The Fill & Go has a filter disc in the top compartment of the bottle meaning the water is filtered as you drink it. Filtering your drinking water helps tone down the taste of chlorine and helps get rid of nasty bacterial contaminants and traces of lead. Yuck!

The bottle has a cool design and holds 600ml of water if you fill it right to the top. The filter disc sits at the top of a straw that stretches down to the end of the bottle, meaning that you suck to drink from it instead of tipping it up like you would a glass, especially when it’s nearly empty. The lid has a sturdy clip that keeps the lid on tight for when it’s in your bag, and it pops right open when you flick it, which means it’s perfect to take running.

The Fill & Go bottle is made of an unbreakable material called Tritan and is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean. Each filter lasts for around 20 full drinks which works out at around 2 weeks if you use it a lot. You can buy more filters in packs of 8 which will last you months, and you get a pack of filters with the bottle too.

The Britta Fill & Go is available in green, blue, pink or grey. I got the green one because my fiancee uses it too, so the pink one wasn’t an option! If you want an easy way to start drinking filtered water you can pick one up from Amazon or Brita’s online shop for £14.99.

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