Emily Hearts BlackMilkClothing Swimming Costumes

Australian company Black Milk Clothing are fun and rather clever. I love this ‘Not Impressed Bunny’ swim suit, it was designed after there was a rather interesting event that happened on the site. Black Milk designed a singlet with fake fur on without pointing out that it was of course fake fur. The thought of the fur being real caused quite a storm on the internet and on the BM Clothing site, and this swim suit is the culmination of what designer James Lillis thought of the situation. The swim suit is a great cut and really will be a hit on the beach. This Shark Vs Mermaid Swim suit is a great homage to Jaws. I can’t quite make out wether The little mermaid makes it sweet or rather more dark. I suppose that’s for you to decide, but personally I might keep away from the beaches unless you want to be causing more of a steer. Maybe save this one for the swimming pool or hot tub instead. 🙂 Both of  these swim suits and more are available at the BlackMilk Clothing website, and are quite expensive for around 100 Australian dollars or £61 each. If you want something strangely unique check them out. Happy Shopping! 🙂

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