Emily Hearts New Benefit Rockateur Blush

I had a cheeky sample try of the new Rockateur blush when I went into the Chelmsford Benefit in Debenhams last week and fell in love with this lovely rose gold blush. If  you are a ‘girl that doesn’t blush easy’ then this blush is for you. Rockateur has a slight shimmer to it in the pan but this translates into a matte powder finish when on the cheeks. It is lovely as a blush but you can also use it as an effective contour and  really gorgeous. The blush has  a lovely texture, almost like a gel and so be warned, a little product goes a long way. The amount of product in the box was questioned by Benefit fans as the other blushes weights range from between 7 and 9 grams. Rockateur  comes in at  5 grams but costs the same price as the others at £23.50 but I think it is worth the price even if it is a little high.   Benefit soon  released an official explanation about the weight questions and it informed us that the reason for less product in the box is that this new blush is made differently to the other seven Benefit blushes and doesn’t like a lot of product in the pan as it with crack easily. These blushes are just so cool. I love the little brush you get with it, you can apply the blush so well, obviously for best application use a full size brush. I also love the little mirror although I’m not sure it is actually big enough to use regularly, maybe for emergancies. It’s the thought that counts. Great news! Rocketeur was launched today on the internet, and will be launched in stores on the 7th September! Whoop! Let me know what you think of Benefit’s new blush, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy Shopping!

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