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Emily Barr yet again achieves greatness in her latest gritty crime novel The Sleeper, based in the picturesque county of Cornwall. Meet Lara, She is married to her doting husband Sam and to most people it would seem that she has it all.  However, this life  is just not enough for our girl. With a chance of spending her working week in London,  Lara can’t believe her luck  even if it means staying with her self centred sister and travelling there and back on the sleeper train. She is able to spend time away from a relationship that she feels suffocated in and finally is able breath again. Little does she know there is someone out there watching her every move. When she steps on and off the train and when she meets the stranger named Guy on the sleeper train. Lara and Guy may be in dangerous territory when they begin an affair, but before too long this becomes the least of their worries. Settle down with this fast paced thriller, guaranteed to run your imagination right off the tracks. Be sure to buckle up, as this latest novel certainly isn’t a smooth journey….     My friend Lucy reads lots of books so there is no one better to review some best summer reads on Emilyhearts. What books are you reading Happy Shopping!

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