Emily Hearts The Body Shop Honey Mania Collection.

Apropos of nothing, my married name will mean “bee friend” in Latvian – truth fact. And as bees are famous dancers, and as a bit of a tiny dancer myself, all in all I was looking forward to reviewing the new Honeymania range from The Body Shop. Honeymania’s chief ingredient is sourced from Beza Mar – a collective of beekeepers in the remote Sheka rainforest of Ethiopia.  In keeping (hehe) with The Body Shop’s ethos, the partnership with Beza Mar has secured stable livelihoods for the local community and protected the special biodiversity of the Sheka at the same time, making local conservation a commercially practical enterprise. I already liked Honeymania, and I really wanted the products to shine knowing they support such a marvellous project. So what about the product range?  Honeymania offers inventive variations on standard products including a honeycomb-shaped soap (£2.00), a lip-balm (£4.00), a body butter (£13) and an Eau de Toilette (£8.50).  I’ve been using the  Bath and Shower Gel (£4.00 )for the past few weeks and it looks, quite literally, like a plastic bottle of honey.  Although the honey-themed packaging doesn’t look super-expensive, the contents are actually rather good; the gel lathers up beautifully with only a little product, is delicately scented and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The Body Scrub (£12.50) is a hidden gem; a light gold and thick mixture with enough fine grains to softly exfoliate very effectively.  But for me the stand-out product is the Bath Melt (£8.00).  Luscious and dark-thick, it blends and bubbles wonderfully to release a very tempting fragrance. In fact, the whole range carries the subtle breezy scent of the Sheka’s rare flora – the total opposite of the clumsy sickly sweetness I’ve experienced with lesser honey-inspired ranges. I give the whole Honeymania range eight Emily Hearts out of ten, and definitely recommend the Bath Melt.  The Honeymania range is ready to fly off the shelves now. EP the Queen Bee buzzing off!  

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