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Dynamo Dynamo is a magician but not just any magician, he is fast becoming one of the countries favourites, maybe even up there with the greats of our time. Born in Bradford and first learning his first tricks from his grandfather, (Yep I read his book, Nothing is Impossible and it’s available in all good books stores) he was recently promoted to Associate to the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star award for his performances, an amazing achievement. Dynamo, real name Steven Frayne is often seen around London surprising passers-by by doing street magic that we have all grown to love from his channel 4 show which is now in it’s third series. If you haven’t seen this show it is a must see, his tricks and illusions are beyond belief. I have been interested in magic from a young age, I am a huge fan and when watching his show I always rewind tricks back and try to second guess them or look for little clues which would give away the secrets but I never do find anything and his tricks/illusions leave me feeling baffled. I love that about magic, the feeling of wonder and amazement like a kid at christmas. Dynamo joined forces with Pepsi Max earlier this year. He started the partnership with an illusion involving levitating alongside a red London bus which stopped traffic around the capital. Like everyone else I’m still left else scratching my head about how he did this illusion, He carried on wowing audiences while on tour with Pepsi Max at the festival circuit this year.  The below video shows a couple of his signature tricks. His magic tricks and illusions just blow my mind, and I really hope I am lucky enough to get bump into him on one of his many journeys around London and see him do a couple of these tricks in real life one day as it would be a dream come true.   * This post is sponsored by Spreaditfast **Photos from The Londonist and Dynamo website.

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