Emily Hearts The Choir, Sing While You Work.

Some seriously good programs have been on television recently. I am a sucker for reality TV and I love Strictly, maybe even a bit of the Kardashians(Shhhhh don’t tell anyone) and but I really really enjoy The Choir on BBC1. It is such a positive program. Gareth, the conductor picks 22 people out of the chosen 6 companies. He learns about each of the companies, the job roles people have and their life stories. And then picks songs that will fit each choir. He makes them do a small performance to show them how much hard work is involved then they are straight into a competition. Each company could win because he has spent exactly the same time with each. And by the end of the competition the companies are closer and each person says the experience is truly brilliant. One member even said it was on the same level as getting married. (Crikey that is good). If you haven’t seen this show, I urge you to watch it. Even just one episode, It’s brilliant. Happy shopping!

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