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It’s Christmas in three sleeps, can you believe it? The tree is up, the scented candles are burning and the presents are wrapped and under the tree (well that might be a little white lie about the presents, Eek) Christmas is almost here so with that in mind I thought that I would do a christmas tag. I found a few that I liked so here is a mish mash of my favourite questions from two bloggers Coleoftheball and Gemma Louise. Do you prefer a synthetic Christmas Tree or a real one? Everyone loves a real christmas tree. They look and smell amazing and I love the way that every tree is unique. My fiancé and  I on the other hand have a beautiful synthetic Christmas tree and it’s still quite lovely in it’s own way. I guess that means I love them both. 🙂 Gotta love Prince Albert and the Victorians for bringing us the Christmas Tree too. Describe your Christmas Tree, and on a side note do you decorate just the tree or other areas of the house? My tree is 6ft and decorated with a miss mash of our favourite christmas colours, purple, red, pink baubles and glitter tweety birds etc. We try to decorate all around our flat with lots of accessories such as cheeky signs, cushions, blankets, cards, Yankee candles, xmas jumpers,xmas toys and lots of glitter. It’s quite special and it feels very boring when all of the decorations are put away. Do you have any Christmas traditions? Buying a new Christmas jumper and wearing them throughout December has become a huge tradition for my fiancé and I.  We haven’t got any other traditions yet but we have plenty of time to make some more. 🙂 Do you have a favourite christmas song?  My favourite Christmas carol is O come,all ye faithful as I love the third verse and it always gives me tingles down my spine when I hear choirs singing it. And well christmas isn’t the same if you haven’t heard the The Pogues and Kirsty McCall sing The Fairytale of New York or Wizzard singing I wish it could be Christmas everyday. They’re oldies but goodies and I dance around like a loony to them. What do you do on Christmas eve? I always go to my mum and step dads on Christmas Eve to stay the night. We watch christmas TV, eat plenty of food and then wrap pressies. My family tend to leave their wrapping right up to the last minute so we all disappear off to our rooms to do this in the evening. We also do our Santa act and take around the pressies to the young kids that we have in the family (that live near us) ready for the morning. Do you have a favourite Christmas film? I love Christmas films and I often watch ELF, The Snowman, Home Alone and Gremlins in the days leading up to Christmas. All my favourites, I’m greedy. Do you like giving presents or receiving them? Everyone loves a present or two but I get really excited to give people pressies. I spend so long trying to think about each person and always make a mental note of when someone says they like something so when I know I have chosen a great present there’s nothing better than to see someones face when they see it. Do you open your presents before or after lunch? I get presents throughout the day as I tend to visit different parts of my family but my main ones from my parents and my fiancé are normally opened by lunch time. I’m like a little kid at Christmas, it’s so exciting. What do you wear on Christmas day? I wear the clothes that I got as a present from my mum normally. I love to dress up in my best or most favourite clothes as it’s a special day that only comes around once a year. What is your dream gift this year? I’d love a camera so that I can take amazing pictures for my blog, but my most wanted dream gift would be a Michael Kors watch. I got my dream wish for the past few years slightly earlier than Christmas day last year when my fiancé popped the question and it has made this time of year ultra special for us. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Tag. I tag everyone to do this as it’s awesome. Happy Shopping!    

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