Emily Hearts OnePiece Onesies

I love this onesie from OnePiece. OnePiece recently got in contact with me to see if I wanted to be part of their piece keeper programme and I jumped at the chance as I love onesies so much. I got the super soft and ultra cool Navy Lusekofte Onesie which has a traditional Norwegian knit print in white which gives a great urban look that I have just fallen in love with. It’s made with ultra soft cotton and it has a two way zip which goes right up to the hood. They are so soft and warm, the quality is amazing and they are great for slipping on after a bath, when you get home from work or for when you’re just having a duvet day. OnePiece are the original Onesie company, yep these guys were the first ones to make them. The story goes that one cold hung-over day, three Norwegians fantasised about the perfect slouchy hung over outfit that would be the ultimate comfort wear. They decided that they would sew together jogging bottoms without the tight waist band and a super soft hoody and if they made it extra baggy no one would want to work out in it, making it only good for chillaxing after a tough night on the tiles. These three Norwegians started the company and OnePiece we’ll forever be grateful. They also make special edition One Direction OnePiece Onesies and this really is the ultimate because they have one for every member so if you know a big fan, this will be the the best present ever as each onesie has a One Direction hand print and name tag on it. OnePiece have been kind enough to give me a code for my wonderful readers so that you can get 20% off these amazingly soft and highly cool one pieces so go and check the website out and enter this code at the checkout. 31EMILYHEARTS2  At the moment if you buy any of the Marius Onesies, you also get 50% off a super cool scarf or hat. Happy Shopping!   *Sponsored post.

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