Emily Hearts Unite 7 Second Leave in Conditioner.

The Unite 7 Second Leave in conditioner is a product that has been talked about by bloggers and vloggers alike for a while now. I didn’t think this product would be as amazing as everyone has been saying but when I was in town the other day, I spotted the Unite 7 second leave in conditioner in a window of a hair salon and I had to buy it to try it out for myself. The verdict? I gotta agree with the other bloggers and vloggers that have been raving about it but no band wagon here. You can use the Unite 7 second on either wet or dry hair, although I tend to use it on wet hair and when blow drying. It somehow makes my hair dry quicker than when not using it and I’d love to know how it does that. I get the biggest knots in my hair since I started growing it out and I spend ages everyday trying to coax the little blighters carefully out. I suppose not even my trusty Tangle Teezer can help me now so this so Unite 7 seconds came along just at the right time because this stuff is like a magic potion. My knots brush out (with my Tangle Teezer) really easily. I tend to use it everyday and the bonus is that it doesn’t make my hair look greasy when using it either so it’s great for day 2 or 3 hair. The moral of the story is go and try this stuff out. It’s slightly pricy at almost £15 but it is the best money I have spent this month and it will last you ages too. Get this from or at certain hair salons. Let me know if you love this product as much as me in the comments below.  

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