Emily Hearts Netflix! Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad I love watching programs and films on Netflix, it’s my favourite pass time apart from blogging of course.  I thought I would give you my weekly Netflix top pick. My first choice is a program that finished only recently, but I spent a full month over christmas watching it and got withdrawels when it was finished. Yes it’s Breaking Bad. How can anything ever beat Walt, Jesse Pinkman and the cast that make up this amazing show. So if you are like me and had heard the hype but had not given your undivided attention to the trials and tribulations of Walt and his crazy world, you might ask what this program is about. Well here is the short version. Walt is a science teacher with a strong talent in chemistry and is just coasting along in life. When he finds out that he has Stage 3 lung cancer his life changes forever and a chance encounter with Jesse Pinkman, a ex student and small time dealer, leads him to the dark side. He starts with the intent of leaving his family with as much money as he can muster but things quickly spiral out of control. All 5 series are on Netflix so if you haven’t already seen this show, what are you waiting for. Go check it out!

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