Emily Hearts Pepsi Max!

Pepsi Max went a bit further when they created the ultimate in multi-sensory experience which traveled around the country between 5-9 March 2014. A black box or cube appeared on the south bank in London with #Livefornow mysteriously printed on its side with an accompanying countdown. When the countdown ended audience members were taken on a guided tour around zones that tested their perception of time, space and so much more. It culminated in amazing levitation of a bottle that Dynamo or David Blane would be proud of. Pepsi Max then produced a personalised bottle for every member of public to celebrate everyone having made it through the challenge, a souviner if you will. It looks amazing and I kind have wished that I would have seen it because how cool does it look in the video below? I’m usually super scared about things like this but hello… a personalised drink bottle. How exciting! Did you go into the black cube and get yourself a personalised Pepsi Max bottle? I’d love to see them if you did. Let me know in the comments below. Happy Shopping! #Livefornow Sponsored by Spreaditfast

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