Emily Hearts Music Monday: Gary Barlow

Hello lovely people, approved It’s Monday again and I have two corkers for Music Monday today. As you probably know Take That is one of my most favourite bands, healing there’s not a song I haven’t liked and I remember the first time around. I always knew that a Take That come back would be amazing and would happen at some point, They just didn’t seem like they were done and I wasn’t wrong.  TT have gone from strength to strength and they often do solo projects in their spare time. Gary Barlow is a giant in the world of music these days and

Gary Barlow recently took part in a program called  When Corden met Barlow and I really loved having a little bit of an insight into his hectic world and his journey to today. He’s recently released another solo album and these two songs are the first singles from it.  Face to Face is a duet with Elton John, a duet with these guys was inevitable and I think this upbeat ditty brings together their styles really well. I just can’t stop listening to it. The second song Let Me Go is well documented in the When Corden met Barlow program so do watch it.  I won’t say anything other than it’s a sad subject but it’s a celebration of life and the video shows that too. Gary Barlow is all about the words so don’t forget to listen to them.

Happy Monday!

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