Emily Hearts Bio-Sculpture

IMG_0731 I was invited to have a manicure with Bio-sculpture last week at Brand Nations Head Office in London. I’ve had my nails done many times and even Shellac manicures but never had a manicure with Bio-sculpture before so I was keen to try this brand out. Gel nails are put on with a paint brush and are hardened with a LED light. They dry almost straight away and they last for up to three weeks. I found that Bio-Sculpture had recently released a wedding range and so I choose a lovely light pink with a rose gold sheen called Innocent Pink. I thought that I would test the colour out to see if a pink would be something that I would want on the day or to go for a just a classic french tip manicure. I wasn’t disappointed, the colour was beautiful and it makes may hands look so pretty. I was also given a special care pack that came with a nail file, top coat, hand cream, gel remover so that I could take the gel off safely and much more. I was chuffed and I have used it quite a lot since I was given it. What do you think of the colour? Have you tried any of the colours from Bio-Sculpture? and will you be trying any? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Shopping!  

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