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Emily Hearts Romeo and Juliet in the round by ENB at The Royal Albert Hall

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 23.20.20 Last Tuesday I was treated to my first birthday surprise. I woke in the morning to be told by my fiancé that we would be going to London and to be ready for 5pm. I was excited to find out what it would be for the whole day. The only thing I could think of that was on in London that day was Romeo and Juliet, in the round at The Royal Albert Hall with my favourite dancers Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo. We met at the train station only to be greeted with the news that there was no trains going past Chelmsford because there was a broken carriage on the line. After an epic journey consisting of train, car journey, train again and then finishing with underground we arrived half an hour late for the performance.Yes, my fiancé didn’t confirm that it was indeed Romeo and Juliet we were seeing until we were almost outside the venue and tears soon rolled down my face because well I love ballet and watching these two dancers was something that I had wanted to do for years. We were just in time to watch Carlos and Tamara do the balcony pas de deux, an immensely powerful duet full of love, lifts and strength and we viewed it on the late comers TV in the foyer. Being a performance in the round meant that the cast made up of 120 dancers were using the main exits for their entrances. I soon spotted a few well known dancers including junior soloists Max Westwell and Carlos’ nephew Yonah Acosta walking down past us to the backstage area. This soon had me wondering if the man himself would be walking the same way. I was right, soon enough Carlos Acosta fresh from the dancing on the enormous stage of the Royal Albert Hall walked straight past to applause from me and the other late comers in the area. This was definitely a birthday performance I wouldn’t forget in a hurry and I have to say probably made my night without even seeing the performance live. It was worth all those hours travelling to the venue and being slightly late. After the first break which seemed like hours we made it to our seats to watch the second and third instalments of one of the most famous love stories that ever was. The stage was wonderfully big, the live orchestra was huge and glorious to hear, the group dances and patterns amazing. You could see that every performer was enjoying the buzz of dancing at such an amazing venue as the Royal Albert Hall and seeing Yonah Acosta dancing Mercutio opposite Carlos Acosta’s Romeo really was special for me. You could also see that Yonah and Carlos were working off each others stunning movement and were egging each other to dance better, every jump higher, every turn more fluid and not just because of the characters they were playing. With this in mind, you could really see Yonah Acosta showing great potential. I can see him rising through the ranks to principal quickly like his uncle. It was lovely to see Artistic Director and principal dancer Tamara Rojo and guest artist Carlos Acosta dancing together. To be partnering each other at the ENB seems like it was like going home for these guys because this is a partnership that started when they were both young at the English National Ballet. Tamara Rojo was also the original Juliet when Derek Deane, Tamara’s Artist director predecessor choreographed this version of the Ballet in the round in 1998 when she was just a younger dancer. Carlos and Tamara’s beautiful movement  as Romeo and Juliet  that night made me emotional as they danced as one, their chemistry, story and acting looked so real. Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta really lived up to expectation for me and I’m glad I got to see them perform.  

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