Emily Hearts The Get To Know Me Tag

photo I’ve been reading quite a few new blogs recently and one of the blogs I have come across is Lady Brunette. She recently did the Get To Know Me Tag, which was pretty cool so I thought I would give it a go. Are you named after anyone? Yes I’m named after Emily Bronte. My mum read Weathering Heights while she was pregnant and I suppose I must have looked like an Emily when she saw me. When was the last time that you cried? I cried recently when I went to our wedding venue. It sounds silly but the venue has taken a while to complete and it just opened a few weeks ago and so we hadn’t seen it in his completed state. It looks beautiful and after so many issues while planning our wedding, it was such a relief to see such a beautiful view and venue. I’m looking forward to our day even more now. Do you have kids? Not yet. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I think or I hope I would be. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Only in jest, and never in a horrible way. Will you ever bungee jump? Nope never. What’s your favourite cereal? I love muesli at the moment, especially Jordans’ Truly Fruity Muesli. It always leaves me feeling so full and keeps me feeling like I don’t need or want to eat anything else right up to lunchtime as it’s a slow release of energy. Perfect! What’s the first thing you notice about people? I notice a persons personality and appearance jointly. What is your eye colour? Crystal blue, I have sunflowers in my eyes when you look really closely too. Scary movie or happy ending? I always love a happy ending. Favourite smells? I love the beach, smelling the sea air and the seagulls because I grew up by the sea and it feels like home. Summer or Winter? I love the winter because the of the clothes. Everyone gets layered up with gorgeous boots and jackets. It’s so warm and snuggly. Summer’s good too but England isn’t really equipped for when the weather gets really hot and I tend to get overheated quite quickly. Television or Computer? I think computer. I used to spend hours watching TV, now I spend hours in front of the computer normally blogging. The only thing about blogging is that it’s not very mobile and sitting in front of the computer for hours is not good for you. What’s the furthest you’ve been away from home? That’s a tough one. I think the furthest I have been is either Sweden or Menorca but we’re going away somewhere nice for our honeymoon soon so that should change soon. Do you have any special talents? Not many people know that I can juggle. I learnt as a kid and it’s a bit like a riding a bike, once you learn you always remember how to do it. Where were you born? Suffolk. Us Suffolk babies are the best. What are your hobbies? My hobbies and loves are dancing, blogging/writing and cycling. Do you have pets? Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets which makes me really sad. I really want to get some in the future though. Favourite movie? I have quite a few but I think its between Full Metal Jacket, Dirty Dancing and a dancing film called Centre Stage. A bit of a mixture there. Do you have any siblings? Yes I have a half sister. That’s the conclusion of the Get to Know Me Tag. I hope you liked it and I tag everyone who reads this blog post with a blog to complete the Get to Know You Tag too. Leave your links in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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