Emily Hearts Interview with Lindsey Kelk

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Lindsey Kelk is an author who wrote the I heart series and About a Girl. She’s one of my favourite writers and I had the pleasure of getting a few of my questions answered in the interview below. This is a great insight into a writer’s world and I love that she’s so honest. Enjoy!

1. I’m loving reading the second instalment in the Tess adventure, for sale What a Girl Wants, will we be seeing any more books in this series? 

 Thank you! And yes, there will be a third book. It’s due to come out Christmas 2015.

2. Where do you get your ideas for your books, do they reflect real life situations or people? 

Everything’s fiction – no one story or one character has been based on one thing or person. An idea can come from anywhere, really, a conversation with friends, an article in a magazine, a tweet If something affects you enough to get your brain ticking over, it becomes easy to see how it would translate into a story or a character and once you’ve got that, you’re away.

3. I love reading your books, which one has been the best/most enjoyable to write?

Ha, that’s a hard one because there’s always a time when I’m working that it’s not enjoyable at all! I remember liking I Heart Paris while I was working on it, I think that was the last book that didn’t feel like a crazy deadline. Other than that, I really love both of the Tess books – I think they’re very honest to how I feel about life and love and friendships so that makes me happy.

4. What’s your personal story to being an author?

I don’t think it’s that different to anyone else’s, to be honest. I always read when I was little and loved writing stories all through school. Once I left uni and got a real job, it all got left on the shelf until I was 26 and a bit bored with everything, that’s when I wrote I Heart New York and that was more of a hobby than anything else. But, a friend read it and told me I should try to publish it and after that, everything just started happening! I’ve only been a full time writer for the last four years though, I wrote three of my books before I left my job – it’s a really precarious profession and you should never count your writing chickens until they’ve hatched! It’s strange to think I ever had a different job now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.


I’d like to say a huge thank you to Lindsey Kelk for answering my questions and to Amy at Harper Fiction for arranging this blog tour. I feel priveledged to have been part of some thing so cool and I’ve really loved it.

Here’s the rest of the blogs involved:

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