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Body Sorbets in 4 fruity flavours Strawberry, Peach, Satsuma, Mango and a gorgeous floral scent called Moringa. They smell good enough to eat (although I wouldn’t)  and they claim to contain 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from Guatemala.  I’ve been using them non stop since I was sent them by the lovely ladies at The Body shop and  I am really loving them. It’s important to have hydrated skin especially when you have been in the sun and so these body sorbets are perfect. They absorb quickly and they don’t leave that icky sticky residue. You can pop these  in the fridge to keep them extra cool which leaves them feeling so refreshing to put on in the heat, especially for me as I get heat rash quite a lot.  These beauties have helped calm it down on more than occasion, and they really work very well and they leave you smelling amazing. They’re also a complete bargain at £8 and available at your nearest store. Let me know if you have used them and let me know what you think in the comments below. Happy shopping! Colours   Strawberry   Pink-Grapefruit   Pink-Grapefruit-2   Moringa   Mango

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