Emily Hearts Mens Gift Guide 2014

Skull and Bones Boys Club SABBC have been dropping some bombs this year, making them a go-to brand for Christmas gear for men. I’ve picked out their wooden comb and noose chain items which would make great stocking fillers. chain comb Comb Gentleman Noose Chain Noose and Monkey  Noose and Monkey have had an amazing year, going from a small brand with a modest line of jackets and shirts to being picked up by Topman and collaborating with Hype. I’ve picked out some of their finest autumn/winter pieces, so dive in and help sharpen your fella’s wardrobe. shoes cufflinks shirt Stud Toe Cap Dress Slippers Cufflinks with Diamante Skull Shirt With Collar Bar And Tipped Placket Abandon Ship Gamesmaster T-Shirt Abandon Ship are an unapologetic Scottish brand offering a range of colourful and often downright obnoxious designs. I’ve picked out their Gamesmaster t-shirt, a genuine banger. Grab it and listen to him tell you about that time the batteries ran out on the last level of Super Mario Land. gameboy Video Games Guys love it when girls buy them video games, so pick up one of these and reap the rewards. Just have a flick through his collection first and make sure you’re avoiding getting a duplicate. games FIFA Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Far Cry 4 Destiny Uppercut Deluxe Wash Kit Uppercut Deluxe are an Australian brand who bring classic barber products to a modern world. I’ve picked out their essential wash kit, which includes face wash, shaving products and a wonderful wooden tooth brush. Unknown Bellroy Slim Sleeve Bellroy are on a mission to eliminate chunky wallets, offering wallets designed to slim down the cards and notes that a guy carries around day to day. I’ve picked out their classic Slim Sleeve wallet, which is a great gift if your man carries a brick around in his back pocket all day. 1_bellroy-wssb-black-texture-bellroywebsite-01.1401262751

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