A Sunday Fashion Wish List!

Sunday Wish List I have been eyeing up quite a few products in the shops at the moment so a Sunday Fashion Wish List was in need. First item on the list is this Jersey Jacket costing a bargain £24.99 from H&M. I goes with absolutely everything, a gorgeous dress such as one of these in the wish list or trousers or jeans. It can also spruce up any outfit effortlessly. The second item on this Sunday Wish List and the first of my favourite Oasis dresses is this gorgeous Annabelle Skater dress  for £65. The garden pint is so pretty and the dress is perfect for a wedding teamed with pink accessories and maybe that Jersey jacket from earlier. The third item is this gorgeous orange red V Neck Lace Skater dress from Oasis for £40 in the 20% off sale at the moment. It’s a gorgeous colour and will be lovely for smart casual events with a jersey jacket and flats or again perfect for a wedding with black or white accessories. The final dress in this lovely wish list is this blue and white Tear Drop Viscose Dress from Oasis for just £45. It’s effortlessly fashionable and perfect for an every day look, maybe on the beach or just chilling. I love the tear drop pattern but lets hope that it doesn’t bring the rain. I had to include these beautiful patent Black Platform Loafers from Next at £34. I always remember that I hated to wear loafers as a kid, but my mum would always buy them for me. Now I love them as they go with everything and look great. Shhhh don’t tell her! Last but not least is this gorgeous Charlotte Work Bag from Accessorise. It’s £39 and has several compartments to keep items in.It comes in black, nude and I just love this colour. It’s a beautiful corn blue and it really looks classy and adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. Do you love any items on my Sunday Wish List or have you go some of these items? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Shopping!

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