Music Monday: Take That!

Music-Monday-Take-ThatHappy Monday!  This weekend I have been loving listening to this favourite band of mine. With a new line up with one less since Jason Orange left in late September 2014, Take That are now a trio and are defiantly not limping on.  They’re stronger than ever, and their album aptly named III is filled with songs that are more mature but have kept that catchy undertone they’re so famous for. You know the ones that never leave your consciousness and you find yourself singing in your sleep. If you’ve been a reader of Emily Hearts then you’ll know that I’m an original and long time fan of Take That.  They always make me feel so happy. I saw them in 2011, probably the only good thing that happened that year. Mmm It was a pretty sucky year. There’s a story that my husband tells of me where I’m waiting for the full band to come onto stage at Wembley. He’d bought tickets for my birthday which was a few weeks previous. He didn’t quite understand what those tickets had meant to me till we were standing in our seats. A guy dressed up as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland jumps onto the stage with a count down from 10 behind him. My husband gave me a little smile, put his arm around me and gave me a little squeeze. Seconds later the audience of mostly girls are screaming and the full Take That line up with Robbie Williams run on stage. I was quiet and my husband looked at me again and saw what he can only describe as ‘Take That’ face. I had tears streaming down my red and hot face. I’m getting emotional thinking about it now because I had waited about 15+ years to see this band. It was everything that I had wanted it to be without actually even hearing them sing. I guess that’s a bit silly to say about a band especially at 31 years of age but who cares. This band keep getting better and more talented as the years tick by so I hope you enjoy this catchy and lovable song Let in the Sun. Let me know what you’ve been listening to this past week in the comments below. Have a great week!

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