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Lush #Gayisokay soap campaign!

photo-43 Love is strange and it works in mysterious ways. It’s the most loveliest, strongest, empowering and happiest feeling to be in love and everyone at some point in their lives will experience it. You can’t help who you fall in love with, it’s in your genetic make up but some people are punished for their sexuality. Being in love should never be a crime. Lush are paving the way and have recently started the most amazing of tasks, to reach 10 million supporters with the message #gayisok. Men and women all of the world have to live in fear for their life everyday because the harsh and awful reality is that in 76 countries it’s a crime to be gay, and in 10 of those countries the penalty for this is death. To support this campaign you can buy this seriously glittery and fruity #gayisok soap for £4, the profits go to Grassroots LGBT. Don’t forget to take a selfie with this glittery soap once you have bought it. Then upload it up to your social platforms with the hashtag #gayisokay and join the conversation. Happy Sunday!

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