Music Monday – Aidan Knight

Happy Music Monday! This week I’ve been listening to the wonderful singer/songwriter Aidan Knight. From British Columbia in Canada, Aidan released his full length debut Versicolour in 2010, followed by the impressive album Small Reveal in 2012. Known for his haunting vocal melodies, he mixes in intricate electronic passages with brass instrumentation, giving his songs a rather unique sound. I’ve picked out two tracks, the first is A Mirror, a great tune with a beautiful video from 2012. The tune tells a story of a carer who is initially rejected by her client. She perseveres, eventually growing a strong bond with the man who narrowly avoids tragedy himself. I also wanted to share the quite unique video for Aidan’s new tune All Clear from the forthcoming album Each Other. Produced by Ft. Langley, the video tells the story of Aidan visiting an 80’s experimental therapy clinic where he’s transported to a gaudy retro digital world. What did you think of this week’s tunes, and what have you been listening to lately yourself. Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great week!

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