Giveaway winnings for me!

IMG_3145   A few days before Christmas I found that I had won a competition from Ilona Sediha (@giftingbasics) that I had entered a week or so before and these products where my winning gifts and I wanted to share them with you. The first is one of my favourite hair spray’s L’oreal Elnett in a special limited edition leopard print version so I was very happy to receive this. The next was this gold limited edition Tangle Teezer with a little lid which I’ve been wanting to buy for a really long time and have never got around to. The third is this really pretty black L’oreal nail polish with fine silver flecks. It’s so pretty and I spent most of the festive period wearing this colour and being complemented on it. Bonus! All in all a great competition prize and the black bag with posh gold handles is all the way from Harrods too. So pretty so thank you Ilona. Happy Shopping

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