A New Look Denim Bomber Jacket

There’s the leather jacket, click the denim jacket and recently the bomber jacket has come back into fashion again. Originally something similar was worn in the military in the first and second world war to keep pilots warm. I remember these jackets being big in the 80’s/90’s probably due to films such as Topgun. Short, black, puffy with an orange lining or if your feeling sporty, the grey jumper material design with a slightly darker arm and striped edges. Not the easiest look to master. These days they come in lots of different patterns, styles and materials and when New Look got in touch, I wanted to complete their challenge to style a bomber jacket of my choice.

The look I chose was this lovely floral maxi dress with splits. It’s so pretty and very feminine. My bomber jacket of choice is the denim bomber jacket. It’s a beautiful colour and so on trend and really makes this outfit. It’s easy to wear and it doesn’t look out of place, in fact it makes this outfit more casual and I love that it would be great for an evening out down the pub or even a picnic.

Let me know what you think of the New Look bomber jacket trend and whether you’ll be getting one in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!







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