Nando's Evening Out!

Nandos A few weeks ago, I was invited out by a couple lovely bloggers to enjoy the new reopening of Nando’s in Norwich. Norwich is a place that I’ve spent many an evening out, eating at restaurants, and drinking cocktails and so I jumped at the chance to spend some time there again. The restaurant itself had recently been refurbished after a well needed and wanted change. The new look Nando’s looks amazing. There’s a section with some amazing art work, and a forrest section with plants along one wall. It’s really very fresh and modern looking. I’m vegan so Nando’s isn’t usually a restaurant that’s on my radar these days, so when I went along and saw the menu I was pleasantly surprised. There was plenty of food for me to choose from, as I did my research before I accepted the invite and I was even met with a huge book as to what ingredients each meal included, and whether it was vegan, gluten free etc, something that would also be very handy for people with allergies too. We had a quick look around the newly styled restaurant and then made for the bar to order our food and drinks. For my meal I choose a veggie burger, with a side salad and some very impressive looking sweet potato wedges. I was met with a huge meal and even though I wanted to eat it all, I think my eyes were very much bigger than my belly. Eek! Needless to say it was yummy! Let me know if you have been to the New Nando’s in Norwich or maybe elsewhere. Also let me know what you’re favourite meal is in the comments below. Happy dining!      

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