5 tips for running beginners!

Credit: Charlene N Simmons ,  Flickr Credit: Charlene N Simmons , Flickr[/caption] As you probably know I’ve really been getting into running in the last few months and last Sunday saw 35,000 people do the London Marathon. For 26 and a half miles people ran, walked and maybe hobbled a little to the finish line.  It looked like it was quite a day, one filled with emotion as each runner mustered their energy, used their training they had done in the previous months to trace the route that saw the millionth runner cross the finish line since it began 35 years ago. If that’s inspired you to want to start running I’ve got some fab tips that may help you start doing just that. Tip 1 – Trainers  To run all you really need is some great trainers. A specialised shop will help you choose a cool pair as well as check that they’ll support you properly.  They’ll normally do this by recording your footwork  and gate to make sure your chosen pair will be suitable for your running style and help keep you injury free. Tip 2 – Couch to 5K app and Strava Something else that might help you is the BBC couch to 5k app, an app that helps you do exactly that, the couch to 5k. You can choose your favourite trainer and listen to music at the same time. Bonus! Your music will lower as your chosen trainer will give you tips, tell you when your intervals are and more importantly give you encouragement when you feel like you want to quit. It’s a fab app and I’ve used it plenty in the last few months. I also use an app called Strava to track where and how far I’ve run. There’s a map, and you can share it to all your social platforms if you’d like too. Tip 3 – Stretching Your app will also help you with the warm up, main run and your cool down but one of the most important things to do when training is to stretch correctly when finished. Stretching helps with soreness (DOMS) and will help with injury as well as help keep you to your running schedule. Tip 4 – Nutrition You may also want to look at what fuel and nutrition that you’re putting into your body. What you eat before and after a run is important. You’re going to feel hungry when you’re back from your run but you won’t wont to eat and drink a mountain full of cake and alcohol. Plenty of water is needed to replenish and some good healthy food. The couch to 5k actually gives you basics tips on this too. Tip 5 – Determination Finally all you need now is pure determination to run as much or as little as you want. Remember you can take your running as far as you want and these tips may help you start. Check out your local running club, they’re great for getting into the bigger competitions but also just speaking to like minded people who love to run. Let me know how you get on in the comments below. I’d love to hear your stories. Happy running!    

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