Music Monday – Broncho

Happy Music Monday! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and are ready for a week of fun and great tunes! Despite my David Bowie addiction, I’ve had time to check out the new track from Broncho, an American 5-piece from Oklahoma that I’ve written about before. They’re a small band, but had some big success with the single Class Historian on their last album, which had appeared in several adverts and movies. I really enjoyed their 2014 album Just Enough Hip to be Woman, it was full of catchy indie pop tunes, and while the singer’s vocals are an acquired taste, I love his unique style! I got pretty excited when their new single Fantasy Boys popped up in my Spotify notifications, so I wanted to share it with you this week. It’s a steady, simple track with only a couple of melodies, but it’s been stuck in my head for days so the nurses rhyme simplicity clearly works! I love how laid back it is compared to their more upbeat punk tracks of the past, so I’m looking forward to seeing which direction the band takes with their next album. Have a listen below and tweet me to let me know what you think, and what tunes you’ve been spinning lately. Happy listening!

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