Music Monday: Prince!

Prince-900x600-2 On Thursday 21st April, the world was shocked to hear that Prince had passed away at his home in Minnisota, America. I was brought up on Prince, Abba and Madonna and those other cool 80’s stars and as a kid I remember dancing along to some of my favourite songs such as  1999, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Lets go crazy, Little Red Corvette and Raspberry Beret.

Due to lawsuits, contract arguments, song ownership battles Prince’s music in’t readily available and only live performances are on line. One of my favourite videos of Prince is one of him playing Harrison’s song While My guitar Gentle Weeps at the 2004 George Harrison Hall of Fame induction. He’s playing guitar with other massive icons including Geff Lynne, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood and Daani Harrison. Half way through he steps into centre stage suddenly playing the guitar with difficult riffs, trillos and executing it like them as if a simple scale and you can see just how much he’s loving it as he puts on a show and leans on his security guard off stage. The thing that always stays with me is the look  on the other musicians faces while this performance is going on, especially Daani Harrison. You can see that even they are impressed with his skills and looks of ‘is he really doing this’ fill their faces.  And at the end, Prince throws his guitar into the air to be caught by his security guard once again and just like that one of the best live performances ends. Prince I salut you. You were one of a kind, never to be forgotten.    

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