5 Inspirational Healthy Living Blogs


Hemsley + Hemsley

First up is Hemsley and Hemsley, run by sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley. Their blog is full of wonderfully healthy recipes with a focus on the importance of probiotics and gut health. As a result their recipes are all grain and wheat free, and their secret weapon is something they call bone broth! They launched their company in 2010 and have since catered for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood. Last year they launched their second book Good + Simple which you’ve probably seen in most supermarkets, and later this year they’ll have their own TV show! Check them out at

Hip and Healthy

Mostly a lifestyle blog, Hip & Healthy features workout gear and accessories for gym, boxing, tennis, dance and more. Launched in 2012 their mission is to bring their readers the best selection of hand-picked items and provide a daily source of motivation and inspiration through their fantastic Instagram account. They’re not just about products – they also have a recipe corner with contributions from the likes of Julie Montagu and Madeleine Shaw. I just love their Flaxseed pancake recipe! Visit Hip and Healthy at


Deliciously Ella

One of my favourite blogs is Deliciously Ella, a vegan cooking blog. Ella Haywood or rather Ella Mills, yes she recently got married, started her blog as a way of helping heal herself from a rare illness through healthy eating as an alternative to conventional medicine. She’s gone from strength to strength and now promotes a vegan diet through her blog and books. The great thing about her recipes is that a lot of them use similar ingredients, so you don’t find yourself going out to buy lots of odd things that will clog up your cupboards after you’re finished with the recipe. My husband and I have made quite a few of the recipes from her book and couldn’t recommend them enough! Visit her at


A blog about general wellbeing with a focus on mental health, love as well as eating and activity, Mindbodygreen is a spiritual resource for everything good for you. There’s some great articles about getting through some of the challenges we  face in everyday life and how we can push through some of the negative barriers we all face with positive thinking, a healthy body and an an active mind. As well as advice, recipes and articles, they also offer video courses if you want to take things a step further. Check it out at

The Chalkboard

More of a magazine than a blog, the Chalkboard is about healthy eating and living, but with a focus on juices, art and  creativity. For me they’re a daily dose of healthy inspiration, and I love their series of articles like On My Desk, where designers and creatives give you a peek inside their daily work life. Inspirational! I also really like their series of healthy shopping hacks – while the magazine is American so not everything here applies to us in the UK, I’ve put plenty of their tips to into practice. Have a nose over at Which are your favourite healthy living blogs? Tweet me and let me know! Happy reading!

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