Sunday Evening Instagram round up!

It’s Sunday evening and that means that it’s Instagram round time. This week has been super busy along with enjoying Pokemon Go, we had our annual work party but this year was different as I organised it. Eek! I didn’t have to worry though as it all went off without a hitch apart from the fact that I got ill and lost my voice, so I’ve spent the weekend trying to get over it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.04.17

The view from the fire beacon in Colchester Castle Park.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.04.33

Beautiful flowers at /colchester Castle Park.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.08.40

Beautiful peonies that were sent from Blossoming Gifts.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.08.54

The view from close to the band stand in Castle park while playing PokemonGo.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.13.45

Had to pop down to London after work in the week. I love finding new places I’ve not seen before.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.14.08

Oxford Street is in full pageantry celebration for the Queen. The Olympics are coming up soon too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.15.06

Loved the venue for our work party. So pretty.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.15.23

Friday was so sunny and beautiful and the butterflies were out in force.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.15.40

It was so pretty and sunny that it could have been somewhere like Cuba or Thailand.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.15.58

A quick snap of me and the husband on the loungers just chilling out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.16.09

These gorgeous day lilies caught my eye. Such pretty colours.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.16.22

Womping Willows are so gorgeous especially when it hides the sun. It reminds me of the one in Harry Potter.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.16.39

Loved the colour of these plants. Purple is my favourite colour.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.16.52

I went Pokemon hunting on Saturday evening and I found this awesome sight of the Bird Sanctuary just down the road from me.

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

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