Jo Malone Blue Agave and Cacao

img_3977 img_3981 I recently went to Mexico, an amazing place for a holiday for anyone that is planning on going. When I was waiting for our flight home and milling around the shops in the airport, I came across a Jo Malone stand. Jo Malone often make limited fragrances specifically for events of interest or for each country it gets brought to and when I came across this beautiful fragrance called Blue Agave and Cocoa I was intrigued. The fragrance uses two of the main products of Mexico as it’s juice of a blue Agave plant that is made into Tequila. The Blue Agave is the heart of the scent giving it an exotic floral notes. The second  product is that of Cocao which is the pure version of chocolate. It gives the scent a kick of bitterness with settles to a lovely warmth. Along with these two ingredients, the top notes of Key Lime and Sea Salt gives a revitalising yet fruity side. When I smelt it I did a little dance because it smells amazing and I had to buy it straight away. Such a brilliant way to have memories of a truly beautiful place. Let me know if you have been to the Jo Malone counter in Mexico and smelt this yourself in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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