Music Monday – Alabama Shakes

Happy Music Monday! Lately my husband has been obsessing over Mr. Robot, doctor a dark computer hacker drama which just finished its second series. If you haven’t seen it, more about it’s highly recommended!

Music plays a large part of the rollercoaster of emotion that each of the characters goes through, and its well known for its carefully curated background tunes. One of the most powerful scenes at the end of series 1 features today’s track – Sound & Colour by Alabama Shakes.

The lead single on their second album, Sound & Colour is a slow and trippy song, with lyrics wrapped in hope, confusion and chaos. It’s a standout track for me, and I can’t listen to it without thinking of the show’s main character Elliot wandering through an empty Times Square, lost but full of false hope.

Take a liten to the track and Tweet me to let me know what you think, and most importantly what you’ve been spinning lately. Happy listening!

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