Music Monday: Enrique Iglesias ft Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

photo It’s Monday again and this week we’re listening to Enrique Iglesias. Sometimes a little bit of pop is needed just to have a boogie and a dance. This weeks Music Monday is a song called Bailando ( translated means dancing) written and performed by Enrique Iglesias and Cuban musicians Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona. This song was Enrique’s sixth single from his tenth album Sex and Love released in 2014 and Bailando actually sold a record 8 million sales worldwide that same year. There is a Portugese, English and Spanish version of the song but I actually love the Spanish version the most. The song lyrics are a little risqué at time but it’s such a catchy feel good song and it was literally played everywhere when we went to Cuba in 2014, then again when we recently went to Mexico. It actually topped the charts in both countries.  The video that goes with the song includes flamenco dancers and hip hop dancers dancing in the street with some great choreography. There’s even a little section of ladies showing off their football skills too. Let me know if you’re loving this song as much as I have been in the comments below or maybe on Twitter too. I’d love to hear you thoughts. Happy Monday!

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