Sunday Evening Instagram Round Up Post!

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-16-36-37 Last week I felt quite ill on Sunday and Monday, and had a lot of time in bed recovering. I spent a lot of time looking through Instagram and drinking water or tea in my fab Mrs mug so this picture had to be taken. I love quotes especially positive ones so this one is kind of cool don’t you think? On Friday I was on a training course but we still took the time to pause for two minutes and think about the people that have been involved in and lost their lives in war around the world so I had to post this picture. On Thursday I popped into London and these two pictures where some of my favourites from some of the places that i popped into. West Elm is a shop I’ve heard a lot about but never been in until this day. Now I get why people go crazy over it. Their homeward is insanely cool and here are just one of the things that I loved. Those amazing plates though, so amazing! I’m sure that you’ll get to see more through out this week too as I took quite a few pictures. Homeware goals! Today I got up early and walked down to the local war memorial for the Remembrance Day service. It’s a special day, reflective and emotional especially where we currently live as it has quite a big military base but I always love to hear the songs of the band when they march past. Have you been up to anything cool this week or do you love West Elm as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Sunday!

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