Music Monday – Albums I'm Looking Forward to in 2017 – Part 2

look ahead to 2017 and some artists who are due a new release. So without further ado, let’s jump in and get excited about the new music that might be coming our way this year.

Jack and Eliza Jack and Eliza are a New York duo who write stripped down songs with dreamy vocal melodies that swirl over simple, under-produced guitars strums. Their debut album Gentle Warnings dropped in 2015, and have been relatively quiet recently. A recent Facebook post teased new music in 2017, which I welcome with open arms!

Odesza Odesza are an electronic pair from Seattle who absolutely smashed it with their release In Return in 2014. That album was the soundtrack to my summer that year, but so much has happened since then it feels like a lifetime ago. With festival appearances lined up this summer and new tunes played at their recent New Years Eve party it looks like we’re in for new tunes very soon, and I for one cannot wait!

TOPS Another band whose last release was in 2014 and brings back wonderful memories of summer, TOPS (or Tender Opposites) are a Canadian band who write simple, catchy songs with with the occasional injection of 80’s retro vibes. Still touring heavily in 2016, a quick look at their Facebook page shows that they’ve been including new songs in their sets, so hopefully we’ll get to hear them in the coming months.

Lykke Li As I’m writing this, I’m beginning to realise just how good 2014 was for music. Along with Odesza and TOPS, Lykke Li released I Never Learn that summer, although it was a different type of album from what we’d come to expect from her. Gone were the upbeat tunes and danceable beats, this was a dark breakup album that was raw, emotional and a fantastic listen. I follow her on Instagram and she’s been busy in a new relationship and giving birth, so who knows when we’ll see her back. Hopefully soon!

Washed Out Last but not least, Washed Out has to be included on this list. The project of artist Ernest Greene, his last release Paracosm was so good it makes me genuinely frustrated that we haven’t had any follow up music for years now. I’m absolutely praying that I get another release as good this summer, waking up to the loving feeling of tunes like Weightless and It Feels Alright could just about make or break it. What new music are you excited about in 2017? Tweet me and let me know. Happy Listening!

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