Music Monday: Ed Sheeran

tumblr_inline_ntpbmrjRJd1svf09g_1280 It’s that time again and this week we have two songs to wet your musical appetite. After a year off writing, travelling and exploring the countries that he’d only previously toured, Friday 6th January saw Ed Sheehan release two brand new songs ‘Shape of You’ and “Castle on the Hill’. Castle on the Hill is all about his friends and home town Framlingham, Suffolk.  It’s beautiful song that looks back on his memories and childhood and yes there really is an amazing castle on a hill. The first time I heard it, it really brought a tear to my eye. He recently was quoted as saying that he’s currently in a relationship so he wanted to write about other people that are close to him and his friends and home town seemed great. I think he’s done a great job on this song. It’s reflective, personal and the views on this song on Youtube broke 29.3 million in the first week. Crazy! The second song, Shape of You was written in collaboration with Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid.  It’s a cheeky song that was originally meant for Rhianna with the mixture of R and B and tropical house beats but he decided part way through the writing process that he wanted the song for himself. The beat kind of entices you in and it really makes me want to get up dance. It’s Ed Sheehan with a bit of a twist and maybe an indication of his writing skills expanding too. Can’t wait to hear more from the album. It should drop any day now. Let me know what you think of Ed Sheehan’s new songs in the comments below. Happy Monday!

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