Benefit’s New They’re Real Double the Lip

This recent release from Benefit is quite a unique idea for a lipstick. It gives a fuller and defined lip look with almost an ombre feel to it in one easy movement and it looks great too.

The tear drop stick has a dark liner at the smaller edge and a lighter main lip colour on the wider edge. The product itself it a semi-matte colour that can last up to eight hours on the lips.To get the look have the darker colour on the outside of the lip when applying and repeat this on both the upper and lower lip.

These Double the Lip lippies were originally brought out in a little four piece miniature set for Christmas but Benefit have now decided to sell them in a larger size individually.  They’re available at your nearest Benefit stand for £16.50 each and they currently come in eight colours with fab names.

  • Nude Scandal
  • Juicy Berry
  • Criminally Coral
  • Pink Thrills
  • Fascia Fever
  • Lusty Rose
  • Flame Game
  • Revved-up Red

I really love the concept of these lippies and I like these colours. They look amazing on other people that I’ve seen wearing them but on me they all seemed a little drying. I’m also waiting to see if Benefit bring out any other colours in the future that might be a little more wearable.

Let me know your thoughts on these new lip products from Benefit in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!




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    February 16, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    These are cute!! Juicy berry is my favourite 😍 X

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