Music Monday: Kygo Featuring Ellie Goulding

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I really hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and looking forward to the 4-day week ahead! Even though the weather is a little colder than we’d like I’ve had the windows open and the music on as this song from Kygo featuring Ellie Goulding dropped on Friday and I’ve been loving it.
I’ve written about my love for Kygo in the past, and his flavour of Tropical House was the soundtrack to much of my summer holiday in Mexico last year. It’s great to hear new tracks from him, and even better that he’s teamed up with another of my favourite artists Ellie Goulding on this new track. I was lucky enough to see Ellie live at the O2 last year and it was an incredible night!
Their new track together is called First Time and recalls early teenage memories of wild nights and young love, something I think we can all relate to!  The tune features Kygo’s distinct tropical beats coupled with her angelic, refreshing voice over the top. The song is short but sweet, but I love the cool summer evening vibe that it brings and I’m looking forward to more of this and the nights get longer and this year’s summer adventures begin!
Take a listen below and Tweet me and let me know what’s been on your speakers this week.
Happy listening!

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